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Remodeling and redecoration of the building is now nearing completion. Floor leveling and installation of tile were early stages of the improvement which includes fixtures in natural wood color. Departments are identified by block letters around the new canopy which, lighted from below and avove, lines the store walls.

East and south walls of the new store accommodate 78 feet of self-serve refrigeration cases for the Food Mart in addition to the 10-foot regular meat case. A new 8 by 10 foot walk-in refrigerator has been installed. In a trimming room at the rear is produce storage where a sink with hot and cold water and floor drain are provided. All refrigeration compressors are concentrated in a separate room at the rear of the building where new electrical entrances are provided. The entire building has been re-wired.

Office and warehouse space have been obtained with and entrance into the Saip building to the south, the Food Mart utilizing the north half which has been partitioned off. Unloading dock will be at the west into this new warehouse area. All facilities of the Boogaart Mini-max service will be utilized by the Food Mart, it was pointed out this week.

Manager of the new Food Mart is C. N. Munk, who comes to Belleville from Beatrice, Neb. He is associated in partnership ownership of the new store with R. L. McKenzie and E. J. Uphoff of Hebron, Neb.

Cliff Munk has been on the road for Swift and company the past six and one-half years. He spent four years before that in the army and previously was a meat cutter for Hinky-Dinky stores in Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Munk, their four-year-old daughter, Patricia and 2 1/2 year-old son, Nicky, have movded to Belleville and occupy the former Adee property on K street.

Marshall Vale, who also comes to Belleville from Beatrice, Neb., will be in charge of the meat department for the Food Mart. Mr. Vale, whose home originally was in Superior, has recently been managing a meat market in Beatrice. He and Mrs. Vale, their 3 1/2 year-old daughter, Shirley, and 1 1/2 year-old son, Richard, already have moved here.


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